Aspects to Check out from Super Cars

posted on 17 Sep 2015 14:20 by stereotypedphil54
Super cars, every time we talk about such cars, there’s no way for such conversation to end in just a matter of 5 minutes. There’s some kind of unbearable charm emitting from the cars that have “super” as the additional adjective. We all know that such cars are really complete in almost all aspects, mostly is about the stunning performance. The cars we’re talking about here are known for the great ability to perform such great speed, power, handling, and sometimes, the noise coming out of the exhaust system is also attractive to talk about.

Whooping Speed

Talking about the speed, it’s a must for super cars to cover whooping velocity. And when it comes to the speed, to be honest, it’s not only about the top speed. True, there should not be any question related to the top speed. For a super car, it shouldn’t be a tricky task to reach 250 – 300 km/h for its top speed. But, as stated before, it’s not enough. Super car also needs to provide great acceleration. It’s quite pointless for a so-called super car to reach 300 km/h as its top speed but it takes forever for the car to be that fast. For the acceleration, there’s some kind of unwritten law when it comes to how quick the car can accelerate. It should be less than 4 seconds for the car to reach 100 km/h from zero.

Massive Power

Another aspect to consider from super cars is definitely about the power. And without any doubt, all super cars have mind-blowing power. Let’s not talk about bhp (brake horse power) in more specific way here, like how much bhp should a super car needs to get. What you should know, massive bhp should be owned by the car and it’s all thanks to the greatness of the engine as its power source. With such power, tons of things can be produced and the speed is only one of them.

Comfortable yet Sometimes Wild Handling

Please don’t think that super cars have no handling at all due to the awesome top speed it has. Automakers which intend to make super cars are also demanded to make sure the cars are within the control of the driver even though some “wild” sensation during driving is also a good aspect to preserve.

Priceless Noise

Last but not least, the noise of the car is also something to seek once in a while. Let’s take the example of the noise emitted from the exhaust of Ferrari Enzo. The noise itself is believed to worth a quarter of the whole price of the car.